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The Anywhere, Anytime Classroom: The Blueprint for Learning from Anywhere!

Technology today allows us to learn from anywhere! Based on his 2017 book The Anywhere, Anytime Classroom: The Blueprint for Learning Online, this session speaks to the aspirational opportunities that exist for improving learning capacities thanks to the mobility of both learners and those that facilitate the learning process. Practical, this presentation also addresses the basic assumptions of what it takes to facilitate high impact learning activities using basic, online technologies. Dr. Casey Reason has more than 20 years of experience in teaching and designing learning at a distance. He designed Grand Canyon University’s first online doctoral degree in leadership studies and collaborated for many years with India’s Tata Group in developing and delivering international, online learning opportunities. This session offers a fun, forward thinking look at learning in a mobile world and offers very practical strategies for keeping learning and the learner at the heart of it all.Learn More

PLC Live! The View from Inside a Successful, Sustained, and Supremely Confident Professional Learning Community

What is it really like working in a state of the art PLC? Sheridan County School District No 2 has received numerous awards as a PLC exemplar, and their ten-year journey in excellence is the subject of a new book by Dr. Reason entitled Living PLCs: Journeys Inside, Outside, and Straight to the Heart. This session brings audiences back to the most essential elements of a PLC, and shares those lessons through the lens of the practical, Monday-morning-ready experiences of a school district that transformed their practice and their hearts by embracing what it means to be a PLC.Learn More