Book Endorsement by Dr. Ken Blanchard

Dr. Reason’s book was endorsed by arguably the top leadership author in the world, Dr. Ken Blanchard. Dr. Blanchard is the author of the One Minute Manager and Leading at a Higher Level and has authored or coauthored over 50 books in the areas of leadership and change. Dr. Blanchard is a friend and mentor to Casey and provided the following endorsement for his book.

“Is there anything more important than the effective education of our children? Casey Reason’s very timely book on leadership focuses on principals and teacher leaders—those closest to the kids. Reason makes a difficult and complicated subject, the science of working together, accessible to all. His practical strategies and solutions can uncover the greatness in everyone involved in schools. Educators should read and study this book and then make the necessary changes to improve our schools for the better.”
—Ken Blanchard

Book Endorsement by Dr. Ken Blanchard

One thought on “Book Endorsement by Dr. Ken Blanchard

  • August 22, 2010 at 10:13 am

    Hi Mr. Reason,

    You spoke at our school district’s kick off breakfast and made a couple of thought-provoking analogies. I really liked the one about the American sixth-grade class designing a school in Afghanistan.

    I have management experience in the private sector and have been puzzled by the way some things are done in schools, like ordering supplies.

    Would you tell me your thaoughts on the following idea?

    Let’s imagine I was a soldier and I was given the mission of educating the children of Afghanistan. Would it be reasonable to expect the following supplies in my classroom?
    (If this website allowed it, I would have included a comprehensive checklist that includes price and quantity of supplies and equipment that every classroom should have a week before school starts). If you would like, I could email it to you. It could be helpful to others. Just don’t copyright it.

    Now let’s imagine I’m patriotic teacher a block away from an Army recruiting station, is it any less reasonable to expect the same supplies to be provided?

    A soldier doesn’t have to buy his gun or bullets.

    A nurse doesn’t have to buy the hypodermic needles she uses.

    A fireman doesn’t have to buy his hoses.

    A police officer gets to write his gun off as a tax deduction.

    So, why are teachers expected to buy office supplies when they are paid significantly less than all of them?


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