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100 Days to Leadership Impact

100 Days to Leadership Impact

Every leader wants to be a force for meaningful innovation in their organization, bringing improvements or even game-changing breakthroughs. In a less patient, results driven economy leaders must drive innovations that are both immediate and sustainable. This is done by creating a self sustaining organizational culture that learns more and collaborates and grows at a higher level.Learn More

The Common Core Curriculum in a Flatter, Faster World

The common core curriculum has been a long time coming. While much has been said about the challenges of its implementation, one thing is clear: the common core curriculum is a sure sign, as Thomas Friedman has reminded us, that the world is flatter and faster and those flattening elements are having an impact on the steps me must take to be competitive, which includes more thoughtfully examining what is happening in every classroom in the United States.Learn More

The Gathering Crowd

Think about where crowds gather at work. Around the copy machine, near the coffee pot, or in the parking lot provides great gathering points for impromptu meetings which oftentimes lead to important changes in the organization. Ken Blanchard’s theory ofLearn More