Our Story

In 2003, Casey started his first company, Highpoint Learning, providing specialized consulting and development work in instructional design. Highpoint Learning grew into what is known today as Casey Reason Companies (CRC) with employees and corporate partners working in multiple national and international locations. Casey has dedicated his career to helping organizations and the people who work within them develop passionately engaged teams by directly tying his message to each group’s specific leadership challenges.

Our Team

Casey’s company employs several highly trained support staff with many years of experience working in virtual learning and supporting adult learning initatives. He also has a management team that includes doctorally prepared leaders with many years of experience in instructional design.

Our Partnerships

Dr. Reason believes that deep, lasting change can emerge when networks of highly energized people come together. If you are a leader in an organization who is doing work associated with Dr. Reason’s research agenda; we would love to hear from you! Casey has a very diverse and expansive network of colleagues who may be interested in researching your organization; helping you learn more about your work and helping us continue to explore the connection between leading, learning, and change.

Interested in becoming a research partner?

If you are a graduate student working on a master’s or doctoral thesis and have followed Dr. Reason’s work, we would like to help you continue to explore and expand on his work. If you would like to discuss opportunities for us to collaborate with you, please contact us!