PLC Live! The View from Inside a Successful, Sustained, and Supremely Confident Professional Learning Community

Keynote Overview

What is it really like working in a state of the art PLC?  Sheridan County School District No 2 has received numerous awards as a PLC exemplar, and their ten-year journey in excellence is the subject of a new book by Dr. Reason entitled Living PLCs: Journeys Inside, Outside, and Straight to the Heart. This session brings audiences back to the most essential elements of a PLC, and shares those lessons through the lens of the practical, Monday-morning-ready experiences of a school district that transformed their practice and their hearts by embracing what it means to be a PLC.

Value Proposition

Current PLCs looking for a boost- School districts that are currently using the PLC process may find that implementation hits a lag.  Or, high performing PLCs may struggle to get to the next level due to lack of motivation or lack of technical insight as to what’s possible.  This presentation meets this issue and provides existing PLCs with both an emotional boost as well as a strategic, technical reminder of what the best PLCs are doing to maintain excellence.

New PLC adopters- A school district that is new to the adoption of the PLC process will likely embrace this presentation as an opportunity to clarify exactly what the PLC process is all about and to get a feel for what the implementation is like and what new implementors can hope for in pursuit of excellence.

Overall motivation and practicality- This presentation, like the book it comes from, was born out of the desire to encourage a deeper and more sustained implementation of the PLC process. The story behind the ascent of Sheridan County School District No 2 is amazingly moving.  The practicality of this presentation will make the implementation of the process seem real, and available to schools that choose to follow.

Delivery Options

  • Keynote-This offering can be delivered as a motivational/instructional keynote to large audiences. Keynote length can vary depending on the needs of the client.
  • Training day(s)– This offering can be delivered as a training experience, delivered in one hour, half day, full day, or even as a multiple day event.
  • Blended Coaching– Coaching clients typically meet with Dr. Reason bi-monthly in either face to face or via cyber-synchronous webinar/phone meetings. These coaching meetings are supported by Dr. Reason’s state-of-the-art and easily accessible learner management system where client content is organized and teaching material can be shared. Participants typically engage for one calendar year. Pre-assessments and post assessments measure progress and individual or leadership team goals are established and consistently pursued.  Coaching clients might include superintendents, principals, or PLC implementation leadership teams.
PLC Live! The View from Inside a Successful, Sustained, and Supremely Confident Professional Learning Community

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