Optimism and Breakthroughs! Leading for Rapid Growth Every Single Day

Keynote Overview

It’s so easy today to become fearful or pessimistic. However, the most successful groups or teams today defy that negative pattern and focus on optimism and the capacity to create an environment that consistently innovates and finds breakthroughs.  Leading for rapid growth requires a different mindset and the infusion of consistent strategies that can transform and improve results while making the workplace more fun, inviting, engaging and dynamic.  Dr. Casey Reason has authored seven books on these topics and provided executive coaching to CEOs and C Suite leaders from Fortune 100 companies including American Express, General Dynamics, and Origami Owl. He’s worked with school leaders from six countries and trained leaders from churches, prisons, and all levels of government.  His breakthrough strategies work, are practical, and lead to rapid growth, every single day!

Value Proposition

Overcoming negativity – Sadly, there are lot of organizations today that are feeling rather discouraged. This session is designed to provide practical, culture building growth opportunities in the face of what might be resounding negativity.

Leadership Training- Over the years Dr. Reason has consistently worked with  a variety of leadership teams in providing training or keynotes. This offering is designed for them, focusing on developing leaders who have the ability to create optimistic, growth oriented, and breakthrough driving innovations.

Aspiring Leaders aka building the leadership pipeline-Many organizations today have reported that it is increasingly difficult to find and recruit new school leaders. By developing an aspiring leaders leadership pipeline organizations can create a leadership growth opportunity where aspiring leaders can be nurtured and prepared to find success with their first leadership appointment.

Delivery Options

  • Keynote-This offering can be delivered as a motivational/instructional keynote to large audiences. Keynote length can vary depending on the needs of the client.
  • Training day(s)– This offering can be delivered as a training experience, delivered in one hour, half day, full day, or even as a multiple day event.
  • Blended Coaching– Coaching clients typically meet with Dr. Reason bi-monthly in either face to face or via cyber-synchronous webinar/phone meetings. These coaching meetings are supported by Dr. Reason’s state-of-the-art and easily accessible learner management system where client content is organized and teaching material can be shared.  Participants typically engage for one calendar year. Pre-assessments and post assessments measure progress and individual or leadership team goals are established and consistently pursued.  Coaching clients might include superintendents, principals, or even aspiring leadership teams.
Optimism and Breakthroughs! Leading for Rapid Growth Every Single Day

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