Mirror Images: New Reflections on Teacher Leadership

Mirror Images: New Reflections on Teacher Leadership

Leadership is changing today. The best organizations understand that everyone needs to be consistently engaged in the challenge of leading and innovating. Schools have historically struggled with this concept and, truth be told, there’s far to much time spent worrying about what’s being said and done in the principal’s office as apposed to keeping the focus on the most sacred space in any school—the classroom!

This book takes a refreshing look at the concept of teacher leadership in pursuit of this more innovative and evolved level of leadership practice. While teacher leadership has been touted as a concept that can serve to transform the profession, the literature hasn’t included a deep exploration of some of the specific roles teacher leaders play in their schools—until now. Mirror Images: New Reflections on Teacher Leadership, authored by leadership scholar Dr. Casey Reason and his father and longtime teacher Clair “Tuffy” Reason identify ten, iconic images of teacher leadership and explore how the pursuit of these images in teacher leadership can help bring teacher leadership to life and indeed lead the significant levels of transformation that the concept of teacher leadership can certainly yield.

Each of the ten iconic images is thoroughly explored with real-world examples provided by teachers at work in classrooms today. Also, action items are introduced to help the reader find his or her image of teacher leadership and to begin their journey in leading significant levels of school reform—right from the classroom!

Ten Iconic Images of Teacher Leadership:

  • The Learning Advocate
  • The Believer
  • The Transformationalist
  • The Synergizer
  • The Method Master
  • The Fully Invested Owner
  • The Present Balance Keeper
  • The Servant
  • The Inquisitor
  • The Detective

 Mirror Images: New Reflections on Teacher Leadership will help readers:

  • Break down limiting beliefs about teaching.
  • Begin to see challenges in school improvement differently.
  • Feel more empowered than ever about their profession.
  • Show teachers what’s possible for their students and for their profession when they become a teacher-leader!

 This book is perfect for:

  • Teachers who want motivation and inspiration regarding their profession.
  • Members of professional learning communities who want to collaborate and innovate at a higher level!
  • Teachers who strive to be truly impactful teacher-leaders!
  • And school leader who wants to lead significant levels of innovation in school!
  • A principal who wants to empower his or her staff to own their reform agenda, and the results that follow!


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This book provides vignettes that inspire, motivate, and empower teachers to make a difference in students’ lives.

Alice Manus Associate Principal Soldan International Studies High School St. Louis, MO July 11, 2015

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Every teacher-rookie or veteran-can identify with at least one, if not many, of the teacher leaders identified by Dr. Reason, which empowers teachers to realize they can individually make in impact on the way a school is run. Mirror Images is a guide book for teacher looking to use their strengths in order to make a difference in the field of education

Jessica Beazley Secondary Math Teacher Phoenix, AZ July 11, 2015

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Ultimately, the research contained in this book provides an excellent framework for any district looking to capitalize or expand the professional learning community process.

Todd Nichols Superintendent/CEO Cuyahoga Falls City Schools July 11, 2015

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Mirror Images empowers those who wish to advocate for student learning and effect positive change

Melanie Mares Sainz Academic Coach Lowndes Middle School Valdosta, GA July 11, 2015

Mirror Images: New Reflections on Teacher Leadership (2011) was published by Corwin Press and was co-authored by Casey Reason and Clair Reason.

Mirror Images: New Reflections on Teacher Leadership

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