Leading a Learning Organization: The Science of Working With Others

Leading a Learning Organization

We’ve learned more about the brain and our adult learning systems in the last 20 years than all the information on this topic combined before that time. This renaissance of information has transformed how scientists and theorists think about learning. If schools and other organizations are designed to be learning communities, shouldn’t the latest information on learning inform our leadership practices? The answer is yes!

Leading a Learning Organization is a book that will allow school leaders to understand a number of simple truths about our natural learning rhythms, and the steps leaders can take to maximize the learning potential in any organization! We know today that emotion is the lynchpin for all learning. This text explores how emotions can be used and managed more effectively en route to deeper innovations, a more motivated team, and lower levels of stress and resistance. As we know, learning today is very much a collaborative effort. However, the learning the happens when we work as a group is impacted by a number of factors that leaders should know about and attempt to manage and influence. This book helps leaders to understand the power of collective learning and how to help teams use their combined learning energies in a more thoughtful and impactful way.

The text is not a brain book. It’s a leadership book informed with simple and easy to understand scientific principles that can be put to work right away Monday morning! It also includes very specific action items that are easy to follow and can allow the reader to diagnose the learning challenge, and then resolve it with action and strategy!

Leading a Learning Organization will help readers:

  • Identify emotional patterns that might be hindering or helping their progress.
  • Explore the role of stress and fear in their organization and evaluate its impact on learning and innovation.
  • Collaborate more effectively, identifying growth opportunities and the learning power available on any team.
  • Immediately put in action strategies that help to defuse stress and overcome obstacles to change.
  • Take advantage of what we know about improving human performance and achieving “next level” innovations and breakthroughs.
  • Explore the steps leaders can take to create a culture that improves learning power for everyone.

This book is perfect for:

  1. Members of professional learning communities who want to collaborate and innovate at a higher level!
  2. Principals who strive to lead a school of deeply impactful teacher-leaders!
  3. Principals who believe leadership is about strategy—not just stories.
  4. Leaders who see the connection between learning, leading and innovation at the highest levels.

Leading a Learning Organization: The Science of Working With Others (2010) published by Solution Tree was a 2010.

This title was a Phi Delta Kappa International Book of the Year selection for 2010.

Leading a Learning Organization: The Science of Working With Others

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