100 Days to Leadership Impact

100 Days to Leadership Impact

100 Days to Leadership Impact prepares leaders to make an impact in their first 100 days in a new leadership position while creating momentum and setting expectations for day 101 and beyond.

Every leader wants to be a force for meaningful innovation in their organization, bringing improvements or even game-changing breakthroughs. In a less patient, results driven economy leaders must drive innovations that are both immediate and sustainable. This is done by creating a self sustaining organizational culture that learns more and collaborates and grows at a higher level.

This is not easy task. However, resourceful leaders today make strategic use of the latest brain research and innovations in adult learning theory to help build a better working culture designed to engage, create, connect, and innovate like never before. In this book Dr. Reason describes the four phases of the 100-day timeline designed to improve transitions and indeed initiate a meaningful leadership impact.

Using vivid narratives from working CEOs and leaders in the field combined with some of the latest breakthroughs in individual and team learning, this book provides a common sense, step-by-step approach to building a better culture for change and indeed learning innovation like never before!

The four phases of the 100-day timeline are as follows:

  • Phase 1:    (Days 1-6)    Creating a Lasting First Impression
  • Phase 2:    (Days 7-39)    Getting in Motion
  • Phase 3:    (Days 40-69)    Testing and Trusting
  • Phase 4:    (Days 70-100)    Celebrating and Looking Forward

The strategies and suggestions in this book are applicable to leaders in a variety of positions: CEOs, middle managers, even leaders of much smaller teams. The author has used this book in working with leaders in churches, schools, and businesses large and small.

 100 Days to Leadership Impact will help readers:

  • Know the leader within by reflecting deeply on your beliefs.
  • Build a clear leadership vision using the latest research on how “vision” is created.
  • Maximize learning and growth opportunities by understanding how leaders affect individual and team learning.
  • Build a more connected, trusting culture for sustained, and meaningful change.
  • Learn to use key institutional filters and data-gathering techniques to quickly uncover the best decision-making information.
  • Survive and thrive during the inevitable testing process and learn why this testing process is advantageous to both leaders and organizations.
  • Stimulate innovation and get your team to be more creative than ever before.

This book is perfect for:

  • A new leader who wants to lead significant levels of change.
  • Fans of innovative, action oriented leadership practice.
  • Any leader who wants to make a difference in the next 100 days!


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Casey is the consummate leader and can electrify his audiences when speaking live! His knowledge, experience, and passion for leadership resonates with every word!

Dr. Brian Gahan Sales, Business, Leadership Consultant July 11, 2015

Casey Reasons 100 Days to Leadership Impact (2011) published by Triple Nickel Press.

100 Days to Leadership Impact

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